About Trendy Tail

Trendy Tail was founded in 2016 in the effort to seek an effective solution for small pet businesses who are struggling to compete with big chain stores. The founder of Trendy Tail, Anya Falcon, has been working in the pet industry for over 10 years as an entrepreneur, professional dog trainer, and marketer.
While working as a marketing director at a national dog training company, Anya was searching for the best marketing strategies most suitable for the unique nature of a pet based business. Unfortunately, no marketing companies provide personalized, affordable, and industry-tailored services to the small pet businesses… until today!
Trendy Tail is the ideal solution for the self-employed entrepreneurs, start-ups, and well established small businesses, who are looking to improve their online presence to outperform their competition, and bring more customers to their doors. We specialize in providing personalized marketing plans for dog groomers, veterinary practices, pet shops, dog trainers and walkers, boarding kennels, breeders, and other pet professionals.
By choosing to work with Trendy Tail as your marketing consultant, you are making the first step towards boosting more traffic to your website and your business.  Are you ready to answer more emails, phone calls, have more people asking about your products or services? Are you prepared to take your business to the next level?  Behold, we bring more clients to your doors!

Q & A

Q:        Should I work with a marketing professional for my business?
A:        Yes, if you are busy serving your customers, or if your business does not rank #1 or #2 in the search results. A marketing professional provides expert services that bring time and advanced knowledge to growing your business.
Q:        I am thinking about hiring a marketing specialist.  Why should I choose Trendy Tail over others?
A:        You will be working with your own marketing consultant, Anya Falcon, and not a customer service representative.  Your business will receive an individually customized and personalized marketing plan, specifically designed to your needs and goals.
Q: What can I expect from working with Trendy Tail?
A: You can expect individualized approach, professionalism, expertise, and measurable results.