Building your marketing strategy is important in order to attract more customers to your business and build trust and credibility. Consumers are searching for local information everywhere, on every device, at every point in the purchase process. Their choices based on business reviews, how easy to find you online, the attractiveness of your website, the driving distance, and price. Trendy Tail is here to help your business to become noticeable in increasingly crowded marketplace. We will improve your company’s visibility and ranking to bring more customers at your door!
We offer variety of marketing strategies to suit your pet business's needs. If you are not sure where to start, you can request a free consultation to learn more about each program and learn which once will benefit you the most.




Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is a doorway to your successful pet business. It must be informative, well-designed, and search engine optimized.  When your potential customers use a search directory, such as Google, Yahoo, Yelp or Bing, they use the keywords or keyphrases to find pet services they need.  The most optimized websites will be listed on the top and within the first page of their search results.   This is called ranking, and if your website does not rank well, your business is being bypassed by a significant amount of traffic.  Research shows that top 3 organic (not paid) search results receive 60% of all clicks!
We perform a complete website analyses for quality context, design, accessibility, performance, and SEO. We optimize your website according to the nature of your business in order to improve search engine ranking and website visibility. We provide you with a monthly statistics and Google Analytics reports to show you results of our efforts, and to further refine our SEO strategy.

Local Marketing &  Reputation Management

If there’s anything that can cause the death of a pet business, it’s a lack of customers and a lack of business. Your reputation, locally and online, is your most valuable asset. It's what people find when they search your name shapes their impression way before they meet you in person. Unfortunately, it takes only one unhappy customer to leave a negative review to cause your business a noticeable damage. The defamatory content such as old negative reviews or negative social publicity can hurt your business for a long time. It takes 10 to 12 positive customer reviews to make up for one negative review! Statistically, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  
We help your pet business to build a positive reviews portfolio to attract more potential customers. We also help you handle any negative reviews in the most effective way by turning your critics into your endorsers, and to obtain a greater amount of positive customer reviews to outrank your competition and increase your credibility.  We will make sure your business is listed in all major search directories and all of your business information, such as address, phone number and hours, are shown correctly and consistently for all local search results.  Customers' choices based on your business reviews, how easy to find you online, the quality presence, distance and price.  We are here to help your business to become noticeable in increasingly crowded marketplace. By utilizing local and online marketing strategy programs, we will improve your company’s visibility and ranking, which will lead to more customers at your door.

Website Management Program

Good marketing starts with a good website and by investing in a strong website, your pet business has a good chance of attracting customers away from your competitors. To stay ahead of competition, your website must be updated regularly with new content, pictures, and any resent changes. Unfortunately, a website maintenance is on the low list of priorities for a busy pet professional, and this is a huge mistake. Google ranks higher regularly updated websites.  A website maintenance prevents from technical issues due to the outdated programming or changes in a software.
We make sure that your website is in accordance with the latest Google algorithm, and has no dead links or missing pages that will effect your website ranking. We focus on responsive design and will help you to make the right choice in finding the most beautiful and user-friendly website template, or a cost efficient web designing professional who will meet your needs. We will post new pages or update any changes throughout your website and will make sure that any new information, pictures or videos are fully search engine optimized.

Social Media Management Program

As a small business owner, your to-do list can feel never-ending, and while a website is a good starting place, savvy small businesses also promote themselves on Social Media. Not only does a Social Media presence allows pet businesses to inform customers of new offerings and special events, but it also enables them to engage with their consumers. This feedback can be crucial in determining just what it is that your customers are looking for.   
We research which Social Media platform is the most effective for your pet business helping you get started and running your service smooth and efficiently.  You should not waste any of your valuable time and effort on futile work for your business.   Instead, you want to create as many quality followers and fans as possible who will share your information with their friends and relatives.   Additionally, we equip you with the Social Media Monitoring to "listen" to what people say about you and your business.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Pet business is a very competitive market, and it is critical to know who is your main competition and how is your business positioned next to your competitors. Who ranks higher for the top keyword searches? The goal for you and your business is to become the go-to service in your local area.  
We will investigate everything within a fifteen mile radius of your business.  We will find the holes in your competitors’ offerings and marketing strategies that you could be filling.  We analyze demographics to see who and what you should be catering to. We consistently analyze and report to you on your marketing strategies to weed out wasteful efforts and to focus on the positive results. We will provide you with industry market research analyses which will help you better identify your target audience.  Your dedicated Marketing Consultant works with you consistently to discuss results, strategies and on-going modifications, including updates on what’s working and what isn’t. Our goal is to ensure that your business name dominates your local community.